Trillium CD + Digital Download

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Do you want to Escape from your day, Empower yourself, ReEnergize your heart, mind and soul? 

Your musical escape includes a trip to Blue Ice, a romantic Midnight walk, the ghostly story of the Nez Perce Nation and other thrilling musical Escapes!   Trillium is a collection of Piano-Centric Instrumental music with the piano at its core, with a generous list of award winning guest musicians. 

Once you purchase the album, you will receive an email to get the digital download of Trillium immediately!  You can choose if you want WAV, Mp3, or FLAC 

  • The album comes in a digipak and is shrink-wrapped 
  • The autographed album is NOT shrink-wrapped ( you want me to sign it right?)
  • The disc is silver and lists the songs in numerical order
  • Includes a 16 color booklet description of each song