Tangled Up - Featuring Scarlet Rivera

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Ever feel a little Tangled in life?  This song was written for a wonderful friend of mine.  For David T, RIP. 


Kori Linae Carothers: Piano, Programming, and Synthesizer
Jeff Haynes: Obsidian chimes, udu, brushes, shakers, talking drum
Scarlet Rivera: Violin
T Bone Wolk: Bass
David Cullen: Guitars
Will Ackerman: Guitar
Jim McCarty: Drums
Jeff Silverman: Sound Design, Drum Programming

Produced by Will Ackerman.

Engineering, Mixing, and Editing: Corin Nelsen Imaginary Road Studios,
Windham County, VT.
Original Mix: Jeff Silverman, Palette Studios/Productions, Nashville TN
Engineer: Ian Blanch, Skip Saylor Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Production: Skip Saylor, Skip Saylor Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA