Peace in Music Sterling Silver Lotus Necklace

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Sterling Silver Spiritual Charm and Silver Chain Necklace Meditation Gift for friend

This dainty silver necklace captures the essence of the lotus and what it symbolizes perfectly. A lotus flower is pure and beautiful as it grows from a plant beneath muddy water and can symbolize growth after overcoming hardships and challenges in life, emerging into a better place than we couldn't have found ourselves in without being submerged in murky waters. 

As you know, you can Escape, and let my music Empower you and ReEnergize you! Wear this Lotus necklace to remind yourself of the power of my music + the Lotus! 

A great gift for the minimalist on your list including yourself! This necklace is also a great piece to layer with other necklaces. 

  • Comes with 18.5-inch sterling silver chain